Full Circle Experiences

Have you ever had an ah-ha moment?  When things suddenly click into perspective. 

What about an experience that suddenly made a past experience completely relevant?

Synchronicity?  Finding the reason something else happened?  Let’s call those Full Circle Experiences.

Here’s my first and might I add completely appropriate example.

SCVRJP was founded by Keith Rodli and Marlene Parslow.  Recently I spoke at the Baldwin Hospital for a staff “Lunch & Learn”.  I had alot of fun, sharing about healing and giving confidential stories of our success.  I handed out our program brochures.  You can view an electronic copy at our website, www.scvrjp.org.  Keith’s photo is in the brochure.

After the presentation a very nice woman approached me and shared that she used to work with Keith’s Mom.  She said when she looked at the brochure she thought “That’s Ginny’s Boy”.  It was really sweet.  She had wonderful things to say about Keiths Mom, and how proud she was of her children.  I called Keith as soon as I left the hospital and left him a voicemail about this.

That is a Full Circle Experience!  When good things come back around to greet us!

What’s your Full Circle Experience story?

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