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Restorative and Retributive

  Take a look at the link that compares Restorative Justice and Retributive Justice  http://www.topekacpj.org/vomp/rest_vs_retr.htm .  

I know that Howard Zehr’s writings have evolved and he has reminded us the Restorative and Restributive Models should not be held side by side, one way or the other.  The grid I had you linked to, is a way to help understand RJ compared to that model.  Right now, RJ is in schools, prisons and works far beyond what the formal system reaches.

WIth my college students, we spent last week’s class with the local prosecutor.  He used to be on the SCVRJP board of directors and is fairly familiar with the Restorative Justice process.  He actually participated in a community conference/circle, as a community member.  I remember he was excited at the end of that, impressed with his contribution to the community.  Needless to say, it was interesting for my students to hear more about the formal process and get to know an individual involved/employed in it.

Each student got to ask the Prosecutor questions and I was impressed with the students questions and understanding.  I believe that having our class in Circle contributed to the quality of the questions and discussion.  The students all feel comfortable with each other and with me.

So at tonights class, I routed around a talking piece and took questions from my students.  As a non-profit leader and practioner.  Again, I was impressed by the questions.  The students had questions about the field, about my motivations and about the Restorative Justice Movement.

The students had the opportunity to experience Restorative Justice all semester.  The last few classes were a great comparison of the Retributive Model.  It’s always a good reminder for me to work teach these aspects of what Restorative Justice is.  The advanced class is next semester and we’ll be taking a deeper look into the current system.  Two books arrived in the mail for me, The Limits of the Criminal Sanction and The Crime of Punishment.  I’ll keep you posted!


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My hair. (yes, really)

I’ve been thinking alot about my hair.  I know, how vain.  I’ve decided it blog on my hair. 

It starts with a really great hair phase, picture 1, 2005.  My life was crazy busy, working three different jobs.  I was in a career “rebuilding” phase.  I felt blessed by this good head or hair.  I turned heads, got compliments from strangers, men and women. 

I stopped coloring my hair after my 20 year class reunion.  Picture 2, here on the left.  That’s actually taken on the 4th of July, 2006, with the hot rollers and all done up.



  Then in 2007 I got a perm in .  Big Mistake. 

I let the fact that I had the same hair for months bother me.  I got restless, I wasn’t greatful.  I didn’t appreciate what I had.  I could pony it up out of the way.  I could dress it up with hot rollers.  A trim, a good cut would have been better . . . I decided a perm.  Ick.  Why did I think something I hadn’t done for 15 years was a good idea!?  I ended up with picture 3.  This was at our “Chrisgiving” (celebrating Christmas at Thanksgiving) 2007.  Thats me and my Dad. 

Picture 3, with my Dad

Picture 3, with my Dad

The hair I know it’s so silly to have such a strong reaction to your HAIR.  But there has been such learning in this recent “hair” journey.  And learning helps us grow.  When it comes down to how I want to help people by taking the time to write this blog, I guess it is about helping us all learn to grow, to be better.  Maybe this hair story helps someone.  Maybe its more of me having the talking piece and just needing to tell my hair story . . . either way. 

Long hair, it can be a shield to the world.  My hair was thick and full and it really became a huge piece of who I was.  It’s crazy I know, it was just my most prominent physical feature (I felt). 

Then I got in a serious relationship with someone that didn’t really care for it.  You hear about how all men love long hair.  Well apparently NOT.  Being in this relationship, as well as my career and work taking off – I  was having a wonderful and positive shift to who I was, and am today really.  I also think, you can’t help be changed by raising a teen ager (totally seperate blog).  So in my time of transformation and quite honestly a negative comment boyfriend made about my hair.  I decided to get it cut!

So in the middle of December 2007, I got it cut.  It was like a therapy session!  The stylist was great.  She even said, “what’s the point of this, it doesn’t do a thing for you”.  She made sure I was ready, I thought I’d need to take some hair with me!  I thought how my hair helped me get thru a huge work transistion.  search-014For some reason or another, I don’t really know why, and I fear it sounds odd.  That hair was holding “grief”.  That perm ‘fried’ it frizzy, it was heavy and thick and it did wiegh me down.  I left the shop feeling really amazing, yet totally NOT myself, in a sense, yet it was exactly what I needed at that time. 

Two weeks later .  . . I didn’t like it.  I got another hair cut, and maybe 7 days later another, then 2 weeks later another, I was so unhappy I didn’t like anything about my appearance!  The boyfriend says “I liked your with longer hair”.  Then I found myself with this:


 From here, the cutting had to stop!  This was just tooooo short.  It was a phase of tolerance.  I had to wait MONTHS before getting a hair cut.  For some reason I had to go this short.  Clearly any hair that held ‘grief’ was gone.  I have had to learn how to work with what I have for hair and each growth stage, I have to find a way to make it look its best.  Oh my, has it been a lesson in tolerance.  Trying to remember my expression is the most important thing I wear.  I’ve gotten a little more into my clothing style as a result.  I am doing my best to look great at 40.  I’ve glanced over at my word count 707!  This is a long post.  Gosh I hope there is some wisdom in here for someone!
Leave me a comment on this one!  I’m curious what people think!
-happy with her hair, Kris


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