A few new categories!

Catherine left a comment, and I like the idea, you can leave a post with your favorite quote.  You can click on the category “Our Favorite Quotes” and leave a comment or email me and I’ll add them in as a post.  You can email me at [email protected].

I am also going to add a category about non-profit management, I have things I’d like to write about or offer readers.  You develop some great skills managing a non-profit, and networking in a community.  I would have liked to read about someone elses experiences and tips.  If you know any great links for me, or a place to learn let me know.  I have my favorites.  That category – Non-profit Management.

The final category I am going to add in is about the book writing.  SCVRJP was SO fortunate to get funding for a publication.  It’s been a journey to even get started on this book.  Thankfully my mentor Jermaine, suggested I don’t stifle my blessing.  With the help of a writing coach, I got started.  It’s already been a life changing and growing experience.  Blogging has really helped me with it, so I wanted to do a few blogs and keep you posted on the progress of the book.

HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!  I need to go find my recipes!


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