Some “R’s” of RJ . . .

I’m always thinking of how to give stuff away.  Being generous is a value I like to practice.  So here are some “R’s” to remember when doing RJ . . .

Respect –  At the heart of RJ.  Being respectful to each and every person.  Regardless of past decisions, life circumstances, values and beliefs of another person, connect to the humanity.  Respect the person long enough to listen for the good, it will reveal itself.

Relevance – “if the learner cannot attach sense or meaning . . . the new information is likely to be lost.”  pg 87 How the Brain Learns.  Relevance happens in Circle, because each person speaks to the topic, making the connection to themselves.

Real -“more than just being overstimulated by statistics.  Gives you something real to connect to”.  Quote from an Underage Consumption Panel evaluation.  You hear stories, meet people face to face, share the experience of a Circle together.

Remarkable– the human spirt amazes in Circle and Restorative Justice process.  There is magic when it happens.  After volunteering and experiencing a Circle, this young woman tried a Circle with her family: 

christmas was different because of the circle, the women in my life even
carried the feelings from the circle to the family time spent together! it
was really amazing!

Thank you sooo much for letting me be apart of the circle process! It
worked miracles with the women in my family!!

Have a day filled with “R”‘s!