Delayed blessings are blessings none the less.

Blessing:   Something promoting or contributing to happiness, well-being, or prosperity;

About 8 months ago I interviewed for a different job.  My resume was recently updated, I was getting approved to offer college credit for one of my trainings.  A position was open with a National Organization the position was relevant to Restorative Justice.  I just tossed out a quick letter and resume to see how I would do.

I got a phone interview.  I had to ask for the full job description.  I hopped on a plane flew out an back in one day for a job interview.  I really felt like a jet setter and had to seriously consider if I would want to do this.  I believe two people were interviewed.

I thought I did great in the interview.  I even had a great story.  I thought it was a sign when small talk in the airport shuttle van led to a woman telling me about her son being killed by a drunk driver.  She went on to share how her surviving son has struggled with sobriety since.  She was an amazing woman, it was a true once in a lifetime connection to a woman I’ll never see again.  It gave a great story when I was asked about my communication skills.

I was definately in a bind.  I LOVE my JOB at SCVRJP.  I wasn’t looking but the pay hike was just about $10,000 a year more.  Lots of travel would be required.  I held tight I tried not to over think it.  I was notified I didn’t get the job. 

I don’t like second place.  I’m a type A.  So I thought like this:  . . . if that wasn’t the next big thing (and it was a pretty big thing) then the next big thing would be REALLY big.  My task now, is to get ready for that next big thing.

Okay – that sounds great, right?  Sometimes I still wondered what if, why not.

Then 8 months later the full blessing.  The person that did my phone interview, part of a panel interview, the person I would directly report to, the person I wanted to learn from.  She doesn’t work there anymore.  I no longer feel an ounce of wanting for that job.

It’s Restorative Justice in away.  I now understand.  I have a clearer knowing.  What seemed at the time to be something that “shortchanged” my future, turns out to be a blessing.