3 ways and 3 outcomes for falling in love with your job.


3 ways to fall in love with your job.

1.) Find meaning for your life –  in your work.  I love going to a massage therapist that make me feel like I want to become a massage therapist.  Committ completely, others will feel and see that in you.  If you know that what you are doing is your belonging.  Why you belong, you will feel more satisfied and more connected.  View it as service to others.  When you help others you find what comes back to you is ‘peace’.

2.) Pay attention to the little for a large impact.  I sent a note card after a recent lunch meeting, it was very well recieved.  I sent two other notecards today.  When you do the little things along the way, you feel good about yourself.   A lady dropped her pen in front of me at the grocery story.  It would have been equally acceptable to wait for her to pick it up.  Instead I stopped picked it up for her.  She thanked me, we made a connection as I wholeheartedly responded with “not a problem”.

 3.) Continue to learn.  I can’t think of a profession that you can finish learning.  Who can’t continue to learn more about themselves, their profession, being more efficient at what you do.  My appetite for Restorative Justice is beyond measure.  I love to read all that I can, apply what I have learned.  I try to improve my art every step of the way. 

The 3 potential outcomes:

3.) developing a network.  I emailed a group of colleagues today – within 30 minutes, two people had emailed back and forwarded my recommendation onto others.  People know me and what I stand for and this helped develop my strong connections and networks.

2.) Feedback like this:

I too wanted you to know that your energy, passion and commitments are most impressive. I an intrigued by your work and would like to opportunity to further discuss. Do you have time next week?

This was bringing another person into the network.  The person who wrote the email is making a personal contribution to SCVRJP and is recommending funders and linking our organizations.

And . . . the number one reason . . . you will get a raise in a down economy.  When I was telling my Dad, it made me tear up.  The board of directors, whose own employers are freezing raises, approved a raise for me.  I even offered to forgo a raise this year.  That was before we went from a 3 person office, to a 2 person office and now a 1 person office. 

So now . . . it’s a great thing I love my job!