Gather blog ideas where ever there are questions.

Today I attended the University of St. Thomas Law School Symposium on RJ.  The format was nicely arranged, there were 4 panels and one keynote speaker.   After each panelist shared for 8 – 10 minutes, the audience was able to submit questions. 

Some of the panelist had different answers than I might have offered.  So of course I was hoping to share my thoughts.  Then it occured to me . . .  I could use the questons for blog posting.

Here our the questions that I plan to address in future blogs.  If you have questions you would like me to offer a response let me know.  If you are a blogger look for potential topic everywhere!

How to deal with Zero Tolerance policies.

How does RJ deal with serious school disputes?

Are there any issues not appropriate for school settings to address?

How to address funding issues?

What is a Circle?

How does Restorative Justice deal with race, class and gender issues?

Do you involve teachers?

How do you get to the core issue?

How does Restorative Justice deal with students with MH issues and disabilities?