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The Social Emotional Learning benefits of School-based Restorative Justice.

exit-slipsSEL – Social Emotional Learning – Postive Impacts here.  A resourceful website in general CASEL – Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning.

Another helpful article on what SEL is and how it helps our children – here.

The Center for Social and Emotional Education CSEE provides a brief and relevant overview on this link, regarding the importance of school climate.

So if you didn’t link out and read all the articles mentioned, let me briefly explain.  Youth are better citizens in school, when we tend to their social side.  When we relate and teach emotional development our schools are safer.  We have less conflict and more learning occur.  A child that does not feel ‘safe’ cannot learn.  We need to see children wholistically – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

What do you think of the words in this photo?  How about these words as a community you would be part of?  Pride, Respect, Thoughtfullness, Calm,  Trust . . . these ‘exit slips’ represent the one word that Circle participants selected to describe a feeling experienced during the Circle.   Remember I am a full-time executive director, part time professor and ONE of the services SCVRJP offers is for me train on Restorative Justice.  The majority of the training contracts are with schools, around school-based restorative justice.

I update my trainings as I have more stories, I learn more, I carefullly review the rankings and comments on my evaluation forms.  So I tried something new for this one day overview on Restorative Justice in Schools – we started the day with a Circle demonstration.

Then I had the ‘exit slip’ activity.  Before ‘exiting’ on break – words were placed as shown in the picture and described above.  Then after break, I explained SEL and asked if students were feeling the feelings listed on the exit slips – – what kind of learners might they be that day.  We did a little more debriefing on the Circle and I was able to reference our experience throughout the rest of the training day.  If you are a trainer of Restorative Justice, I would suggest you give this a try.  I also highly recommend any training be done in Circle.  Come to a training I do and you’ll see how I weave curriculum right into our training objectives.

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