Blog changes – less is more!


I believe we  have learning curves, learning cliffs and learning stairs.  Life is the wonderful menagarie of all three.  Sometimes we are completely aware and other times life gives us random lessons.

I did a google image search for stairs and found this interesting graphic to use.  Here is how I believe learning ‘stairs’ works.

You step up, and on that step there are lessons to learn.  You are holding new information, new awareness.  All the while gathering more information.  Thankfully we are always growing, learning, changing.   When you are ready, next step.  You simply cannot make a UNIT RISE until you have completed the UNIT RUN.  (see the photo for reference).

When it comes to blogging, I’ve stepped up a few stairs.  This blog is about 6 and a half months old.  I have been pretty close to making the goal of 5 blogs a week.  Having a blogging mindset has helped me grow as a thinker.  I’ve gotten some wonderful feedback and connections from blogging.

These recent changes reflect a new awareness of the purpose and focus of the blog.  The design is simpler – I think I focused create content and format, I didn’t have alot of substance.

No more blogroll – or list of websites to go see.  At first I wanted to be the gateway to the other good websites.  I will highlight those in a post as I go.  When I did not have 170 posts on here I needed to give you something.

Feedback – I think people find this blog and spend time on a few other topics.  Looking at what I can see in the statistics provided, the views are a mix of new and old posts.

I do feel bad for the people that have googled ‘tumbleweed’ or ‘woodcarving’ and gotten my blog.  Maybe they learned about Restorative Justice.  On the other hand, I do appreciate and wonder who out there is searching “kris miner”.  Blogging has been another journey in personal development, allowing me to focusing even more on my passion for Restorative Justice.  My sense of Restorative Justice community has evolved and my ‘belonging’ has also grown and a result of blogging.

So it was time for a little makeover, I hope you like it.

Also – please feel encourage in taking the next step up in your life!

 – Peace – Kris