Every Friday should have a ‘keynote’!

I have been focused on the very first “official” keynote I am doing on Friday April 17th.  I’ve presented to large groups.  I trained over 300 people last year.  I love public speaking, I enjoy training and I’ve had the goal of being a Keynote speaker for years.dscn4080

I don’t feel as anxious as I thought I would.  I feel pretty good.  I did however call my mentor and ask for thoughts, advice, encouragement.  We talked about being myself on stage.  I read recently that genuine, authentic speakers are preferred by audiences.  It’s balancing between preparedness, spontaneous expression and my message.  I want to do so well.  I’ve been speaking to myself on my commutes back and forth to work.  I know I know the subject matter. 

Here’s why every Friday should have a keynote:

1.) I stepped up my game in the powerpoint department.  I tackled the task and succeeded at getting a video to play right in the power point.  I also made sure I used the template that has our logo in the background.  I asked a friend to make that for me,  I think it’s professional and consistent, yet I finally did it for this powerpoint.  I also sought out the photos I wanted and needed to make a solid impression.

2.) Hair and make-up – I am pretty typical in this department, get a trend, stick to it.  Tomorrow I am going in for my first ever “bang trim”, not an actual haircut, just a touch up of my bangs.  I’ve been working on my hair “practicing” how I should part it and if I should curl it.  I’ve also been practicing on how I’ll wear my makeup.  I have decided that mauve eye shadow makes me look like I was beat up or hungover.  So I am going with grey or purple shades.  I’ve been more girly this week that the last  two or three months combined!  Not having a boyfriend or dates will let you slack off in this area.

3.) Packaging my information. When training/teaching I focus on a “transfer of learning”.  I let my audience know that I have both ‘learning’ objectives and ‘feelings’ objectives.  I let them know in trainings I want to inspire them, touch their heart, provide meaningful connection to their work.  Yet a KEYNOTE is more than all of that.  I feel like I have the honor and task of setting the conference tone.  I want to leave people inspired with my message and inspired to remember the conference.  These goals have me really focusing in on my talk, my presentation style the manner a form of my delivery.

4.)I’m growing up.  It’s been a real gift to have dreams and have them come true.  Friday’s keynote is a milestone.  It’s my first official, and I know it will be one of many.  As I tell people – “no one becomes a black belt overnight”, I am starting not ending here with this keynote.  I am putting in my training hours for this.  I’ve earned it, the people that contracted with me saw me present at the Governors Highway Traffic Safety Conference.  People will see me and invite me to do other keynotes.  I’ve got to live up to who I’ve become.  It’s fun and scary and I love that.

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