MN Public Television MN TPT partnership outcomes.

This is an example of attending to networking and building relationships. 

In the Fall of 2007 SCVRJP, MN Public Television and The Allstate Foundation teamed to create a documentary on Safe Teen Driving.  In August of 2008, MN Public Television invited me to the studio and to be part of “My Source” promotions.

I put this on You Tube, so it could be linked to the blog.  Here is the promo that is airing.  I think I look stiff, but live and learn right!?  I hope I get another chance to do something like this. 

It has been fun for people to tell me they’ve seen me on TV.  It also solidifies SCVRJP as a competitive non-profit.   tpt-logo-strip

I was writing a grant report and looked as how many times MN TPT has aired our program.  I took the ‘value’ and discovered they are supporting us to the tune of $81,000.00!  Can you believe that!?   That is about 1/2 of our budget.  We don’t budget in “in-kind” gift right now.  In kind meaning we don’t exchange the cash.

This whole project began as a little idea.  It grew into such a wonderful partnership.  Build partnerships in and for your Restorative Justice work.

– – peace, Kris