Why read this blog, what’s in it for you?

Who I think could or should read this blog:

  • Restorative Justice Practitioners
  • Criminal Justice Professionals
  • Non-profit leaders
  • Teachers – using Classroom Circles
  • Anyone interested in Restorative Justice (community or school-based)
  • My Aunt Toni and Uncle Eddie
  • Other bloggers
  • Volunteers – Restorative Justice or otherwise
  • Other single Moms, with teens
  • Anyone interested in me, how I live my life
  • Circle practitioners – from college professor to kindergarden teacher


I share stories here.  From my experiences as non-profit executive director, circlekeeper, restorative justice advocate.  I also mix my personal life perspectives.  I believe personal and professional mix.

What does my blog deliver?  Passion.  Raw unbridled, tell it like it is, no sugarcoating, just me writing.  I just picked up a Twitter:  RT @jonathanfields Renegade Writing Tip – Write like you speak. Treasure human connection over precise grammar.  I feel validated for my writing style.

Here’s what I’d like to be giving away:

  • tips on doing Restorative Jusitce
  • How to be an excellent Circle keeper
  • Ideas for your own Circles or RJ facilitation
  • Real life examples on how this stuff works
  • Courage – to be yourself, to be open and transparent
  • Share my journey, see who I am and how I experience life, use that to reflect on your own journey.
  • Spread the wealth, (share, pay it forward).  This blog is a labor of love, and little hobby, something I do for myself and others.  So pay it forward and give a little somewhere in your life.

You won’t see any ads on this blog – if you would like to support it with a donation to SCVRJP, that would help.  Indicate you are supporting the blog.

Tell me what you think and what you need when it comes to the blog, I’m learning here as well.  Mid May, this blog will just be 8 months old!