Writing restoratively, and changing the world.

I didn’t know how focusing on writing was going to change me.  It’s been a huge impact to try and develop writing skills.  It’s been a process of uncovering something that’s been there all along.  Kind of a paradox, something new and something old at the same time.  It’s reinforced and shaped who I am. 

Being a blogger has been a curious, fun and sometimes scary adventure.  I love it.  I started at the suggestions and prompts of other people.  I wanted to get practice for writing the book “On the Road Together: Safe Teen Driving“.  So I started blogging and blogging and well, blogging.  I learned you should blog about a passion and interest.  For me, that was easy – restorative justice.

I’ve always had elements of being driven. It was over 10 years ago, friends and I were having fun taking ‘Cosmo’ quiz.  The question was something aheader_logo1bout “who of your friends is most like Geraldine Ferarro?” (the first female vice-president candidate 1984).  Much to my surprise my friends all yelled “Kris”.  I didn’t get that.  The woman I saw in the mirror, was not the woman my friends saw.  I said “what???”.  They all acted like I was faking this curiosity and shock.  I decided then to embrace it. 

I always knew I wanted to write a book, it was a ‘someday’ goal.  Then I secured grant money, and had support of a publisher.  Things lined up.  Then I had to face up . . . I don’t think I know how to write!  Now I hear I’m transparent, but I think it’s meant in a good way.  I put myself “out there” and that must be okay too.  I know I use writing for personal growth.  I believe I’m writing . . .restoratively.

Both writing and meditating are ways to expand and enrich time . . .we learn to examine our thoughts and feelings from a new perspective, to watch the river of our consciousness flow by . . .we experience our lives as lived events . . .material to be carefully examined for richness and meaning . . . to live more deeply and fully.     by Mary Pipher, from the book Writing to Change the World.

 This quote sums up to me, my links between writing and restorative justice.  Which I will now call writing restoratively.  Writing as the book title suggests to change the world.  It’s magic to consider what I post on my blog, write for a book or professional journal article as material capable of changing the world. 

Restorative justice changes peoples worldsThe Mom who has renewed hope in her son after processing harm he caused with community members and victims.  The offender who feels relieved and ready to move ahead positively.  The community member/volunteer who says “I’m a recovering alcoholic and addict, and now I’m addicted to Circles”.  The storytellers and speakers who get to contribute back to community.  Restorative Justice give place to trans-formative process, life changing process.  Changing individuals is the first step in changing the world.

Peace out – Kris