Circle facilitation and the many different options, you’ll have to decide.

Yesterday I posted on some differences between a Restorative Justice Circle – and a Conference.  I made a little graphic, I had some trouble posting it.  You can link here to view it.

The blog post has been on my mind.  For one I don’t want to be a critical person.  Yet, I know I am biased by what I have done and seen.  Being non-judgemental is hard work.  I know why some people run a Circle from a place of above rather than with – it’s because we just aren’t used to doing things with people.  So I wanted to be more with people myself.  I have a blog in mind about the importance of the first few stages.  I’ll make a seperate entry on that.  I have to share what happened, which was perhaps a bigger lesson overall.circles

I open up my blog to type a post.  I also open another window and use that to cut and paste my links.  I knew I wanted to link today’s post to yesterdays.  Some goofy thing happened, and I hit enter before Circlespace was in the search window.  I found myself at another blog on Circles.  So check this out for some really good stuff.  Really good stuff and some stuff, I don’t agree with.

So in my attempt to do a post and show I am not critical, I run across something that I feel the need to point out what I see as weaknesses.  Here I am using judgemental terms, weakness.  I should say “differences”.  The methods can be different.

You see, I believe in congruency.  I think as human beings we have an obligation to be in ‘right relationship’ with ourselves.  This means if you speak to, believe in certain values – you also live to those.  I mention being congruent, in a post on Circle presence.  So if I believe and speak to respect, inclusion, diversity – – then I have a lesson in front of me.  Do I continue to point out what I don’t like in other Circle methods – or do I speak my voice.  I pick up the talking piece and share.  Respectfully.

I am also reminded that I can grow.  Hearing other perspectives can also add to mine.  I used to feel going to the ‘left’ was the only way.  That changed when a Native American friend, shared his perspective.  I changed.  I am now open to the talking piece going either way.  I do not do a popcorn style, where you request to hold it.  I believe in the natural flow, and once the talking piece starts it goes all the way around.

From the blog I found this morning – I am going to check out the two books mentioned.  Really the post has great stuff.

Whew – I feel better now, I was carrying around a feeling that I was judgemental, and now I can let that go!


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