Twittering helped me give GLAMOUR a good quote!

The September issue of GLAMOUR magazine will feature a brief editorial article and I’ll be quoted as an “expert”.  I want to write something here to minimize the reference to me as an expert, it seems arrogant not to.  But let me say this.  I overheard someone cover_glamour_190saying an expert is just someone who knows a lot, about a little.  So I set about learning everything I could about Restorative Justice and Restorative Justice Circles. 

I’ve worked hard, pushed myself and well, I just posted I was narcissistic, so I won’t go into a explanation or minimization of the fact I will be an expert by GLAMOUR magazine.  What are they going to call me anyway?  Do they want to say quoting the average Joe.

Having said that.  Let me explain that when the opportunity came up I thought it was pretty cool.  I did my phone interview with the journalist.  I had a chance of being cut.  It was only a 400 word piece.

Turns out, I was selected as one of 5 to be quoted.  Three people got cut of the 8 original experts.  That made me happy.  It’s a better story to be quoted in GLAMOUR than, I was almost quoted in GLAMOUR.

I have told a few people about this, and I end up saying I wish I was the hot mama airbrushed on the cover, but hey, gotta start somewhere!

Twittering helped because the editors wanted brief.  Brief is not my strong suit.  Especially when describing a concept so foreign and misunderstood.  I think we have it.  I am excited to see how it turns out.

It Twitter and Tweeting are still unknown, do yourself a favor and check it out.  I’ve seen Restorative Justice related comments really grow.  Being forced to make statements with 140 characters takes skill.

You can do a personal twitter.  “Eating strawberry ice cream” not an uncommon type of tweet. 

There is the resource type of Tweet.  This provided a website link.  In this case you have to fit in your statement around a website link.  I sometimes mention my blog topic, but I am having to tweet that in limited characters, and yet make something about it seem worth checking out.  When you tweet, you are looking to give people something that draws them to wanting more of you.  A click to a webpage you recommend.  Reference to a news article.  Something that they are spending on-line time somewhere – thanks to you.

In addition to my writing skills from Twittering, Twitter also helped me give a good quote from reading good quotes.  My twitter peeps (friends) are good “quoters”.  Reading good tweets is important to me, and I believe to others.  To be successful on Twitter, you need to put up something of value.  For example, I had to stop following the guy that told what he was listening to every half hour.  Like I cared, I didn’t even know who he was.  That is the thing about Twitter, you have to be interesting to strangers.

A good tweet is broad enough it catches everyone and yet narrow enough it feels personalized.  Its got to be a little about you and alot about them.

I have no doubt twitter was practice for giving a good brief quote!

You can follow me on Twitter, and my tweets are featured on this blog page.  Check them out.  That is the place I provide links to newstories or websites on RJ.  I also try to make Restorative Justice relevant tweets.

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