Writing Restoratively is just explaining who you are.

I am working on my second professional journal article.  The first one was over 15 years ago, as part of a class project/group effort.  This article is my third real attempt at scholorly writing.

You may have read enough of this blog to know, this is where and how I emerged my writing skills.  My personal, conversation tone has gotten me positive feedback.  I remain pretty happy with my blog post view counts, and consider this a healthy habit/hobby.  Something that is just a “hobby” doesn’t lend to professional journal type of writing.  Professional journal articles are not the personal, conversational tone.

I knew writing for a journal would be a challenge to myself, a new hurdle.  Thankfully I got support from a good editor.

After reading a second draft, as we were talking on the phone about it.  Mind you, we’ve never met.  He says to me “I am reading this, trying to figure you out”.  This stops me a grabs my attention, trying to figure me out.  I thought “shit, I’m so out there on the blog, what’s left to figure out”.  I must have really left myself in this writing.  He says that I have an idea, I’m all excited about it.  Then I just move on, without explanation and then start another thought.  I chuckled.  Another example I really do have adult ADHD (self-diagnosis).  Oh I like having it.  It keeps people around me amused.

Like today (or this tangent).  I was on the phone in the back room of the office.  While on the phone, I decided the vacuum cleaner needed emptied.  So I got the garbage bag, dumped the contents in the bag, used a pen to push out a clump of dirt.  The pen had an ink blob that got on my hand.  I went to get the ink off.  Walked out of the back room.  Chatted with my coworker and then started answering my emails.  Five minutes later, she came by my office, she gathered up the vacuum garbage.  Walking by my door, she laughed and said “I love how you can just leave something and go to the next thing”.  Thank goodness she found that an enduring rather than annoying.  THANK goodness for me she just picked it up.

So I explained who I was in the journal article (I’m back to that now).  I returned my revised version back to him.  The editor said “wow, that was fast”.  He also had minimal changes for me.  I thought WOW, that was easier than I thought.  I sat down and explained myself.  I explained getting to the Circle process style I use.  Well I had to say SCVRJP uses, because you aren’t so personal in the journal article.

This one time in a circle . . .