Blogging keeps me grounded, it forces me to practice what I preach.

Chatting with a friend, who is active on Facebook.  She said when you post what you are doing for the day, it helps you keep accountable to doing it.  I related to that, and experienced it recently, one degree deeper.  I’ve been challenged to live by a blog post I authored.

The last post, before this one is, “we are as strong as our weakest relationships”.  This post was a call for people to be better than they are.  “Conflict is an opportunity for growth” I wrote.  Life is SO much easier “said” than “done”.  Here I have stated that a measure of who we are can be determined by our weakest links.  Good golly, I don’t write it unless I believe it.  (my view might change later) I’ve told boyfriends, “the words are the easy part”, and what I mean is, “actions speak louder than words”.

So I need to buck up and take my own advice.  I need to not blog on my conflict, I need to focus on growing from it.  I need to find my own trust, honesty, respect and accountability to a situation.  To my currently most conflicted relationship.

I’ve felt lost for a few days.  Today is really unrestful.  I feel confused, tense and uncertain what to do next.  Overwhelmed by work tasks, concerned about my role with the management of SCVRJP.  I’ve got about a dozen blogs in my brain and on my heart.  You can only write one at a time.  And to get over feeling lost, I need to know where I am at.  Blogging lets me know where I am at.  Blogging is a chance to have the talking piece and share.

Lucky for me, its recommended to talk about your personal life it blogs, it makes you real, genuine, transparent and trustworthy.  Problogger, even idenitifies the types of personal stories to tell.

How do I become as strong as my weakest relationship?    I need to handle that with aplomb, meaning grace, confidence and composure.

So to practice what I preach . . . I need to be strong in the weak places. 

This blog is called Circlespace, for the magic that happens in the space between people, when we are in Circle, holding values and speaking and listening in turn.  I need to ground myself in Circlespace.