why you are seeing so many posts lately – 30 day challenge.

I am back posting, entering posts and then dating them for an earlier time.  I am doing this as part of a blogging challenge.  I need to post 30 times in 30 days.

I picked this up from a blog by Connie Green, she’s also on Twitter @conniegreen.  I appreciate her marketing and social media resources.

The last few months, I was starting to feel slightly disconnected from my blog, and I started to examine why.  I was experiencing life deeply, see this post, I was slightly depressed, by the season changing/lack of sunshine and a break-up (he’s requested me not to blog on him anymore, so no details are available).  Careful examination and a reconnection to my original blogging intentions, to bring restorative justice to others, I decided I needed to focus on brining the blog to the next level, or at very least restore my connection to this hobby of blogging.

What would that mean, to restore the connection?  Do I focus on subscriptions, daily hits or getting my blog mentioned in other blogs.  I decided to simply start by refocusing on my daily blogging.  I found this challenge and decided it hit my need for competition.

Blogging begets blogging.  Now that I am more connected to my blog, I see potential blog posts everywhere!  Its a renewed connection of experiencing my life with “bloggers glasses”.  How do I turn a life lesson or teaching on restorative justice into a 500 word blog post.  You do it by doing it.

I’m excited to start in a blogging on each of the Restorative Justice Principles listed here.  I’ve got a new book, with 40 some tabs, all inspiration for blog posts.  I’ve got 13 drafts ready to be finalized before posting.

I also know you’ll see some personal posts.  I am exploring dating, and with that exploring who I am.  I will also be spending some time alone over Christmas.  This gives me time for personal reflection and those lessons are often given voice in this blog.

Thanks to Connie for hosting the challenge, I will be excited to see what January brings, as I focus on 30 posts in 30 days!