Snow-plow guy was a restorative justice practitioner!

I posted earlier about my stuck car, loss of control and tips for healing from a crime.

I was watching for the parking lot plows, and got outside as they began to move the snow in our parking lot.  One guy in the truck, the other with the snowblower.  I asked for help and “snow-blower guy” nodded yes.  The first thing “snow-plow guy” said to me “It’s not your fault.  I’m even havin a hard time gettin around.”

It made me feel better, I smiled.  I thought about the blog I posted, and as I watched this man move snow.  The first thing I try to convey to victims . . . it’s not your fault.  No one deserves to be the victim of crime.  I’ve blogged about this before (and here), we try to assign blame and some victims even blame themselves.

My post earlier, I mentioned that blame doesn’t bring much.  Had “snow-plow guy” blamed me, he probably would have had negative thoughts about me, as a woman driver or something to ‘blame’ it one.  Instead, he was gracious with me.  It made me feel so much better.  His grace also reinforced the lesson I needed to re-learn.  My lesson:  Stay home when the parking lot isn’t plowed and the forecast is for more snow!  It is called a snow emergency for a reason!

It took both guys to push me out.  I went around the block feeling much, much better.  I waited for the parking lot to be clear, and before pulling back into my garage, I gave “snow-plow guy” a twenty and a box of Girl Scout Cookies.

I could tell from the look on his face, he was happy to be acknowledged.  We wished each other a good day and I feel so much better with my car in the right space!

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