Restorative Justice Circle implementation PBIS viewed from the top, an “Olive” or not?

I printed a flyer: Why_Restorative_Justice_WORKS_for_bully_behavior[1] and it explains the use of Circles for all aspects of behavior in PBIS and

My first presentation on the concept was at the Minnesota Department of Education, week long training on School-based Restorative Measures.  The lead trainer Nancy Riestenberg and fellow Circle keeper Jamie Williams, both laughed with me about an Olive not having yellow in the center.  We did think maybe they got filled with cream cheese and the pimento returned.  Maybe?

I’ve searched the internet now, no luck at finding olives with a yellow center.  I guess just like I see Circles everywhere, I can imagine an olive with a yellow center.

I did find a few cute photos of olives.     Even without these looking like the PBIS triangle from the top . . . I believe the use of Circles in school, will have your students smiling like these Olives.

Besides, it’s a little family fun, to mouth “Olive juice” and know it means “I love you”.