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Portrait of Kris MinerRestorative Justice Speaker and Trainer

Kris Schweigert is passionate about Restorative Justice and Restorative Justice Peacemaking Circles, she authors the blog on this website.  Kris has nearly two decades of Restorative Justice work experience.  She is a dynamic trainer and presenter. She is available to work with agencies, school districts and conference committees to design and develop program material.

Restorative Justice work

In 1998 Kris began her work in Restorative Justice, as a social worker in Olmstead County, MN, she was trained in Real Justice (now IIRP) Conferencing and Family Group Decision Making.  While a juvenile justice supervisor she was invited to be a founding board member for a local community restorative justice non-profit.  After serving as a board member she accepted the position of director.

While leading the non-profit she continued to receive and provide training.  She expanded and grew the restorative justice program, expanding services, trainings, volunteers.  She wrote grants, managed staff and coordinated resources needed to address community harms.  Services focused on Peacemaking Circles and addressed underage consumption, teen driving, controlled substance use, suicide and a range of crimes referred by local courts.  Her volunteer work included serving as a severe crime and violence facilitator for the Restorative Justice program at the MN Department of Corrections.  In addition to the quarterly trainings offered in River Falls, WI, training requests from schools districts began to expand from the region to across the United State, she trained in Florida, Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Idaho and Minnesota.

Kris was the lead trainer for Restorative Discipline School Coordinator Trainings.  Kris coordinated a training team of professionals that provide 5-day intensive experiential training related to Restorative Discipline School Coordinators.  School state from across the state of Texas attend trainings at regional Service Centers.  Texas Education Agency (TEA) sponsors the project in partnership with the University of Texas-Austin School of Social Work.

Kris was the VOD and VOCARE Coordinator for the MN Department of Corrections. In this capacity she prepares victims, offenders and volunteer facilitators for severe crime and violence victim offender dialogue.  She also coordinates VOCARE sessions and speaks at RJ 101 graduations.  RJ 101 sessions are facilitated in Minnesota prisons, by volunteer inmates who serve on Restorative Justice Councils.  Kris assists the Restorative Justice Councils and works with the Restorative Justice staff to promote and expand Restorative Justice in Minnesota Prisons.

In 2015, Circle Space Services began, Kris provides all the training and contract services for Circle Space Services. She has worked with schools, restorative justice agencies, county government and universities to promote and develop the use of Restorative Justice.

In 2018 Kris began work with tribal communities to implement Restorative Justice.  This contract pulled her back into the work and acceptance of training contracts and projects.  In August Circle Resources launched for the Gregory area.

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To learn more about Kris and her life on the ranch see www.kriscircles.org.