Circle Space Logo


The Circle Space Logo was influenced and designed based on Red Road Road Approach Teachings, Gene Thin Elk, Medicine Wheel Inc. His explanation describing the logo elements included:

The shape of the logo is a circle, the expression for wholeness. Also present in the logo is balance with both (mother) earth and (father) sky. The tree is representing the “tree of life” showing that what emanates from the soil (earth) and reaches for the sky receives (air, water, fire) and allows those elements to rejoin with the earth for wholeness and reconnections.

The Circle in the tree’s branches can represent both male and female energy, when both are in the sky the moon and sun or male/female balance can be brought forth.

The tree is also representative of the human being. The body housing the spinal column, which is the trunk of the tree. The roots of the tree are the circulatory systems. The systems exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide and DNA is expressed. The brain and heart give energy and emotions, which are relationships. The results of these interactions are the abilities to relate, be relational, to be relative and to realize and understand inter-relationships. The purpose of Circle Space Services is to help promote social-emotional literacy and healing by inter-relationships and reconnections, our source for wholeness.

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