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Kris Miner

Kris Miner St Croix Valley Restorative Justice executive directorThe photo is from July 30, 2011 the 2nd Annual Walk for Awareness which is the annual fundraising event for St. Croix Valley Restorative Justice Program.  I talk about my Dad, here in the blog and in trainings and presentations.  He and my step-mom Alice attended this year’s event.

I blog on my perspectives as a Restorative Justice practitioner and executive director.  SCVRJP provides several program and services to our local community.  Additionally, SCVRJP provides contracted trainings and presentations, to help schools, agencies or communities that want to implement Restorative Justice.  I have worked with a middle school in Washington DC and law enforcement in Boise, Idaho.  I work hard at being a dynamic public speaker and presenter.  I focus on delivering training and speeches that motivate, impact and inspire, while teaching the core foundations and philosophy of restorative justice.  Teaching people how to do it, is also very important.

I am the Mother of a wonderful kid!  My daughter is going to be 20 in January.  She is the light of my life!  It was just the two of us and we really enjoy life.  We traveled to Vietnam, Mexico in her teen years.  She was in her first Circle at age 9, thanks to my friend and mentor Kay Pranis.

I have been blogging since 2009, and I love to share what works, and the power of restorative justice and circles.  I believe we are all both personal and professional and so sometimes I blog about my life.  I never really dreamed what would come years down the road.  Now I have nearly 30 subscribers to the blog and over 100,000 visits.  I hear it has helped people and I appreciate when I meet someone for the first time (at a conference or training) and they thank me and let me know they read the blog.  I feel an instant connection.  This blog is like me, and my life and as a friend has said about me, I “put it out there”!

Please consider coming to a Circle Training or having me for your training or consultant needs.

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  1. Uncle Eddie Drabek

    Just wanted to say hi. Read your blogs about once a week to see what your up to. I'm impressed Keep up the great work. lov uncle ed

    • That's awesome! Thanks for the comment! Love you guys!

    • rick

      Hello. I have a question regarding a close friend. She was involved with an abusive BF who got busted for drugs and some of the charges spilled over to her, ie, paraphernalia, since it is her house where they lived together. Anyway, she is having a hard time finding new employment and she did everything she should be doing, like restraining orders, got full custody of kid, etc.. My question is, is there any type of help she can get, like a letter from court, or a victims advocate that would help her when she puts in her application when they check her background???

  2. Kris, a friend steered me to your site/blog. His name is Aaron Gilbee. He is helping me to get a grip on blogging as much of my work is with youth/environment/change leadership. Aaron suggested I check out your site. I'm hoping you might peak at my web site and offer some suggestions on how I might reach out to youth in skillful ways. Any time you offer will be most appreciated.

    Dave Bauer

  3. Just want to give a kudos to your blog. Subscribed to RSS and added a link to you from our co's blog. Keep up the great content!

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  5. Hi Kris,

    Read your bio. Very impressed. I was a father at eighteen myself. I respect the tenacity you had for your education, and now have for your chosen field.

    Best Regards,

    James Patrick Miller

    aka GlobalWonk

  6. Kris, I love your blog. Could you send me your email so we can have some off-line conversation?



  7. Don


    I can't wait to see you in Bethlehem this month!!!

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  10. John White

    Hi Kris,

    What a wonderful, 'rich' life (with all the bliss and pain) you have had and are having. I honour you for what you deeply believe in and practise with 'passion'.

    My little experience is in restorative justice in prisons in Western Australia. I'd love to have some one on one discussion with you about what you find 'works'. Could I email you?

    Peace from 'down under'.


  11. Kris – Your "American Idol" post appeared in my search results today when I used the WordPress tag-surfing feature. I recently launched a blog — — on wordpress, which will focus on peacemaking, mediation and restorative justice.

    I lead a study group at my church (Education for Ministry, a.k.a., "EfM"). One of my class members is a mediator with a juvenile court in Atlanta, GA. He shared a book with me a couple of years ago, Peacemaking Circles: From Crime to Community, by Kay Pranis, Barry Stuart and Mark Wedge. Reading that book, and talking with my class member, I became a real supporter of restorative justice.

    I hope you will visit my blog, perhaps subscribe, and post your thoughts, news and links there. I expect I can learn a lot from you!


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  13. Lyndon

    Hi I'm Lyndon from the Philippines and am doing my doctoral research on circles of support for typhoon victims and find your article helpful. Do you have any other blog on circles for disaster survivors? Thanks.

    • Hello Lyndon – I don’t have another article, what I would highly recommend . . .
      1) culturally relevant – be sure to see what the original care takers of the land utilize for healing, and that the circle engages existing spiritual wisdom
      2) making sure the Circle includes both the sharing of the harm, and the sharing of places people find hope, resilience, strength, etc.
      3) in depth training for those that will be keeping the circles, and attending as circle mentors (modeling the process)

      Could you share your research findings? thanks so much and good luck!

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