Training Options

Advanced Experiential Training

June 3-5 2019  At Miner Ranch in Gregory South Dakota

Registration includes meals, lodging, training.  Restorative Justice will be experienced on the 960 acre ranch, including work with horses & sheep.  Lodging will be at a local hunting lodge in a beautiful retreat setting.  Come learn and experience Peacemaking Circles and the healing nature and animals provide.

Participants will receive a free signed copy of Kris’s book: Creating Circle Space.

Registration is $1050.00 (includes 4 nights lodging & meals)

Deposits of $300 due March 1, 2019.

Restorative Justice & Peacemaking Circles brochure

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The following are some examples of workshops or presentations that can be provided.

  • Restorative Justice & Classroom Circles.  Offers educators a background on Restorative Practices in schools and ideas for addressing classroom behavior with a restorative mindset.  Helps teachers understand and grasp the rationale for classroom circles to build community.
  • Preparing participants for Restorative Justice. The skills needed to bring people together in a productive and healthy way will be provided. The approach and foundations of Restorative Justice for victims, offenders and community participants will be featured. The workshop will enhance the skills of facilitators and participants interested in potentially participating in Restorative Justice. School, community and veteran appropriate applications.
  • Restorative Treatment Courts. The growing use and varied applications of drug court or treatment court models offers alternatives to the formal justice process. If interested in creating or improving the restorative nature of a treatment court, this workshop would apply. Participants will complete a pre-training assessment of the existing court for identifying ways victims and community can be more fully engaged. Specific recommendations for adapting and improving treatment courts will be provided.
  • Complex Loss and Trauma. The loss of someone that is outside of the life-cycle, sudden and preventable.

Specific workshops to conference or training needs can also be designed for your conference or agency needs.

Two-day Circle-Keeper TrainingProvides school staff, educators, social workers, juvenile justice staff, advocates and parents the resources for utilizing Peacemaking Circles. Experiential learning that provides the philosophy, technique and experience of Circle process. Training includes the specific core elements and stages of a Restorative Justice Circle. Learners engage in the range of applications including classroom management, academic reflection and problem solving. Training provides tips and techniques for challenging behaviors. Training includes small group work and exploring how to apply and utilize school-based restorative justice unique to each environment.

Two-day Implementation Training

Provides administrators, supervisors and leaders in school-based restorative justice, clear philosophy and approach to deliver effective best practice restorative models. Training provides examples for implementing a whole-school approach. Facing challenges and resistance will be explored with resources for moving a team and building forward. Advance practice skills, including techniques for difficult situations and challenging individuals will be highlighted.   Training provides skill development and interactive learning.

This letter provides a recommendation on training services: Recommendation-for-Kris-Miner

Circles can be applied to:

  • Classroom Behavior Management
  • Restorative Justice Conflict Resolution
  • Youth Development – social emotional learning
  • Community building and group facilitation

Participants will learn:

  • Restorative Justice Philosophy
  • Core Circle elements and Circle stages
  • Role of a Circle keeper
  • Circle applications and potential

Trainer Introduction:

Kris Miner Schweigert has been providing Circle Trainings since 2004 and has facilitated numerous Circles in a variety of settings, ranging from prisons to kindergarten classrooms.  As executive director she has developed several programs utilizing circles.  She brings engagement and passion to each of her trainings.  For more information, see her bio and  resume pages.