Severe Crime and Violence – Circle Space Services

Restorative Justice can have many applications. Severe crime work requires advanced training and practice. Circle Space Services provides this kind of support and provides training related to the facilitation of severe crime.

Direct service is provided on a case referral basis. Survivors/victims of severe crime can request support directly, victim advocates, attorneys, judges, can refer to Circle Space Services. The best practice of Restorative Justice is to be victim-centered and victim initiated. In cases of severe crime, this is extremely important.

Circle Space Services Director Kris Miner helped author National Standards for Victim Offender Dialogue.


  • Severe Crime Victim-Offender Dialogue.  Advocates and victims can request this service.  Please email circlespaceservices(at)gmail.  Cost for service can be included in restitution.  Victims will not be expected to pay for services.  Base rate $500 and travel.
  • Peacemaking Circles.  Designed for audiences requesting the service.  May include survivor and offender speakers.  Designed for debrief and support after severe crime and violence.  Relevant for suicide, homicide, traffic fatality, drug-overdose, domestic violence or sudden traumatic incidents.
  • Training Presentations.  Full or half-day training or workshop sessions.  Topics include: Trauma-Informed Restorative Justice, Supporting Survivors, Complex Loss, Restorative Response to severe crime.

Video showing the powerful healing of the restorative justice approach to severe crime.