School-based Restorative Justice

The benefits of Restorative Justice in Schools include:

  • Strong relationships between students
  • Improved bonds between teacher and student
  • Reduced disruptions and behavior/discipline issues
  • Increased academic success
  • Deep job satisfaction
  • Productive school climate

To schedule a workshop with call 605-831-0119.

Feedback from training participants:

This is a training with a far reaching impact that could conceivably change anyone’s life who is introduced to these practices.

Great Job! Very helpful for preparation to put the process to work in the schools.

Wonderful workshop, very inclusive of all.

Excellent training, liked the hands on approach

Excellent presentation, I will be referring your name & contact info.

A variety of training sessions are available

One day School Wide Overview

  • Basic introduction to the framework and philosophy
  • Specific examples of how Restorative Schools look
  • Key concepts of Restorative Justice/measures/practices
  • Implementation recommendations

Two-day or 16 hour Core Foundations for Restorative Schools

  • Core Concepts of Restorative Justice
  • School-wide approach
  • Uniting PBIS, SEL and Brain research
  • School readiness

Implementation and Administrator Readiness

  • Leadership and change for Restorative Schools
  • Mapping the future, with Restorative Measures
  • Repairing the Harm process work
  • Sustaining and building cohesion and community

Two-day Classroom Circle

  • Key elements of a Peacemaking Circle
  • Role as keeper, approach to facilitating
  • Types of Circles and how to develop Circle Skills
  • Skill development and practice

Two-day Connect & Coach

  • After training and some implementation
  • Support and coaching for staff
  • Demonstration Circles with students
  • Ideas for challenges and opportunities

Video: Invest In Schools Not Police

Educators and students in NYC are calling for greater investment in public education and Restorative Justice and divestment from police in schools.