Photo of the week – values

My best guess is 1,350 plates.  I put a brand new stack of 150 next to this stack, tried to accomodate that the big stack is less compressed.  I’ve missed the plates for a few circles.  Each plate has a value written on it, and by someone I’ve had the pleasure of being in Circle with.  That’s thing about Circles, I don’t ever leave one disliking anyone.  The good of a person always finds its way in Circle.

I believe in the very very important task of identifying values in a Circle.  I also believe we should use consensus early on in a Circle and all commit to honor the values.  Its a great first stage, I like to say “it lets us all know how are going to treat each other”.  One of my students did her paper on the concept of Values and she said Circles would “worthless” without them.

It’s a joke now in the office about my stack of plates.  I love what they represent, my committment to living in values, my committment to Circle and mostly to the wonderful task of bringing Circles to other people.

— Peace – – Kris

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