Realizing how much we really do. We matter.

Wow what a week . . . from super stressed to feeling super accomplished!

-solid start to a new class, advanced restorative justice dialog.  Including ‘blogging’ for students, a 21st Century life skill.

-Victim Empathy Seminar – impacting 3 offenders, 3 community members.

-Circle with Alternative School Students and Community Member.

-powerful volunteer orientation Circle (of course) & updated a bunch of volunteer forms.

-Appointment with Dermatologist, managing medical issue with Hives.  Found the secret them becoming less annoying.  The cost of the newer/better cream $236!  I said no thanks!  After a $81 in antihistamines the day before!

-Mommy role:  went to basketball game, watched CSI (I don’t care for the show, but Kylie likes it) and out to dinner with my amazing teenage daughter.

-Met with Mentor – right on!  Time to focus on my goals, strengths and personal growth!

-Coffee with someone because he asked and I needed to slow down a bit.  He leads ceremony and we have common interests around spirituality.

Re,organized my book documents and my desk at work.

-Wrote 3 other blog posts, kept Twitter and LinkedIn accounts current.  Follow me on Twitter!

-Phone call to catch up my publisher Denise at Living Justice Press.  Let her know what I have set for my book deadline.

-picked up my apartment, made a favorite meal and almost have all my laundry done for the weekend.

-an hour of Kundalini Yoga.  I totally recommend this DVD, even one time and it’s worth the $13, as good as any class I’ve taken.

-some people were really there for me this week.  That’s really helped me transistion from stressed to flexed.  Flexed, like stretched or a muscle that needed a little extra effort.  My team of friends and support really stepped up.  Jeanie and I talked during the week.  She’s my best pal back in South Dakota.  Catherine had me to her home, and my blog was up on her computer screen.  She fed me supper and came along to my daughters basketball game.  She really showed kindness and gave me a Valentine’s Day gift, two heart shaped glass candle holders.  She’s also checked in on my ‘hives’.  Its the little things that mean a lot.  Ayesha came back from Trinidad and brought me Trinidad coffee, a stone necklace (coffee and stones are some of my favorite things).

I feel really good about everything I got done.  I covered for a coworker at the office, realized how much we are doing at SCVRJP.  I’ve had a great deal of awareness this week.  And hey, what could be worth more than getting to know yourself and your community a little more.

My cup is full, I feel gratitude for all I have.  I feel capable of doing what I need to do.  Hopefully it’s not just a Prednisone rush.  (On the predinisone for the hives). 

Life is what we all experience with its moments of joy, stress, anger, relief, support, healing, relaxation, love, worry and hope.  It really is living that makes us human.

Enjoy your life! – Kris