My sticky brain and ‘change for change’ or ‘change for good’.

I have a ‘sticky’ brain.  I get post it notes of information stuck in there.  I remember the content on the note, but not a bit about where it came from.  Then as my brain goes over and over the post it note, the detail is just part of the grey matter.  Or is it grAy matter, does the grey/gray matter?preview_600_395

Most recently the word Kaizen – meaning a state of constant improvement.  I rolled right over this when I read it.  “oh hey that’s what I do”.  I am wanting to upgrade SCVRJP brochures, handouts and the newsletter.  I thought “kaizen” sounded so much better than to say I’m never satisfied. 

I didn’t know that this word and concept would stick with me.  Here’s the Wiki definition of Kaizen.  For those of you new to blogging, anything that is blue, and underlined, means I’ve given you a chance to hop out of the blog and see a different webpage.

So this idea of being ‘kaizen’ has been on my mind.  Making sure what I am actually making changes for improvement, not just restlessness or any other pointless reason.

I’m double checking myself  “change for change or change for good”?  I have a high tolerance for chaos, randomness and abstract.  Catherine is laughing outloud because she’s seen my in this state and has just learned to ignore me.  My friend Julie would say this is where she says “breathe”.

All this self analysis lets me project it onto to others . . .

For example a board member wants to change a policy.  I don’t think it needs changed.  I made it personal, for him it might have just been ‘kaizen’. 

The beauty in the proposed policy change is that it’s helped me form my thoughts about ‘financial health’ and shared leadership between a board of directors and a nonprofit executive director.  I have also checked my opinion with others.  Not that it makes me more ‘right’ but I wanted to do some general field research.  I’m handling it, using the process and form of a non-profit board.   Now that I have all this formalized I just have to remember what post-it note I put it on  . . .

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