Restorative Justice presentation as part of Red Road, Vermillion South Dakota September 19, 2013

I’m preparing early for a presentation in South Dakota.  The Red Road Gathering is in year 24 and I am honored to be featured on the agenda.  I first attended Red Road in 1996, I lived in Vermillion for just 9 months.  I worked at the Student Counseling Center, and we sponsored a breakfast, and we were present to provide any 1:1 support if needed.  I found the presentations to be really powerful.  I was honored to get to hear teachings on the Inipi, or sweatlodge.  This was my first opportunity to participate in Ceremony.  I found it to be incredibly moving and healing.

The experience of Red Road, influenced the development of SCVRJP.  Our logo features the colors of the Lakota Medicine Wheel.  My understanding of the power of Circle process has greatly been influenced by experiences in Native Ceremony.  My world-view, understanding of values, relationships and community began to expand and grow after my first participation at Red Road.

If you have the opportunity to attend, I recommend it.  The website, features resources for hotels, and there is no registration cost.  Simply sign up on the website.